1- Smalls Human- Great Fresh Cat Food

Smalls is one of the most important cat food brands in the world. It is mainly aimed at perfect cat nutrition.

It’s a fresh food approved by the US Department of Agriculture. It is made of fresh protein, and available in four flavors: chicken, cow, Turkey, and fish.

As well as containing no preservatives or artificial colors. You can cook these recipes very easily, and you can get cat food delivery when you subscribe to a cat food service, so it is easy for you to feed your cat healthy food that does not contain harmful artificial substances.

Cat food must be kept frozen in the refrigerator for 24 hours, before it is served. It can last for 12 months in your freezer, and after opening it does not need to be frozen. You can put it in a sealed bag or container in the fridge for seven days after opening it.

The features

1-consists of completely natural materials and is approved by the USDA

2-provides a range of excellent options where cat food Is found in four different recipes: cows, fish, chicken, and other birds such as chicken liver and Turkey, contains completely natural protein sources

3-it does not contain preservatives, as well as no artificial flavors, or colors.

4-home delivery service