12 Behind-the-scenes facts from Fogo Island

Joel Kim Booster’s love interest was originally written for a person of non-Asian color, but the role went to Filipino-American actor Conrad Ricamora.

Fire Island is a new gay romantic comedy streamed on Hulu, and it’s really hilarious, adorable, and heartwarming. Let’s take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes facts that were used to make the movie:


In case you somehow didn’t know, comedian Joel Kim Booster, who plays the lead role in the film, also wrote and produced.

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The film’s cast is made up of LGBTQ actors.

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Andrew Ahn, the film’s director, told Entertainment Weekly: “Joel and I felt very committed to casting queer actors in this. idea that you can’t do that – like, there are straight actors who can play these roles better. I think you’re underestimating the value of the lived experience that an actor can bring to a role.”


The movie is a take Pride and Prejudice. Booster grew up watching the Pride and Prejudice miniseries and loved the 2005 movie. However, the first time he read Jane Austen’s book was when he was on vacation on Fire Island.

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In reading the book, Booster noticed many similarities between how class and clicks work in the novel and how they work in Fire Island.

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Booster told Variety that she chose to do a version of this novel because “Jane talks about class in all her books, but it’s so crystallized and the characters are so vivid in Pride and Prejudice. And it’s her funniest job by far.”


The project was originally titled Travel and it was supposed to be a series on Quibi.

In March 2020, Quibi placed a series order for Travel, and in December 2020, Quibi closed. Searchlight Pictures was interested in taking on the project if Booster would rewrite it as a feature film.

It was not difficult for him to make this change. Booster explained, “Even when I was writing on Quibi, it was always structured like a movie, just split into 10 chapters. I removed those chapter breaks and sent it in as a complete script.”


Originally, Stephen Dunn was chosen to direct the series at Quibi, but after Searchlight bought the project, Andrew Ahn was hired as director.


Many of the cast members were good friends before the movie. Booster said that Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers are two of his closest friends.

Booster said: “I didn’t know Tomás [Matos] when we started filming, but Tomás changed the way we all spoke at the end of the six weeks. We were all mimicking their vocal pattern because they’re so funny and specific.”


Yang chose Britney Spears’ “Sometimes” as the song to sing in the karaoke scene.

It was always written in the script that Yang’s character would sing karaoke at that point in the movie. Booster said: “I asked Bowen for a list of songs he would be comfortable singing, and ‘Sometimes’ was the best choice. And we did.”


Matos and Rogers were added to the karaoke performance later and created their choreography without telling anyone. Booster said, “It was a shock and a surprise to everyone when we started filming.”


Booster’s love interest was originally written for a non-Asian person of color, but the role went to Filipino-American actor Conrad Ricamora.

“In the chemistry reading, Conrad upset Joel, and I loved seeing that,” Ahn said.


Booster was never in a relationship when he started writing the film. When the film went into production, he met video game producer John-Michael Kelly and began dating him.

Booster then used real conversations he had with Kelly to rewrite some scenes he had with Ricamora.

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Booster said, “It was like I was doing drag when I first wrote the movie about love, and after experiencing it and rewriting it, it felt so much more real and vivid.”


Margaret Cho joined the cast after a male actor dropped out of the film.


And lastly, the cast actually lived together in a Fire Island house during filming.

Booster explained, “The week we filmed on Fire Island and stayed together in the same house was unbelievable. It was so silly. A lot of filming in New York or LA is getting in and out and going home. able to finish the day of filming and say, “What kind of pizza are we going to eat? What movie are we going to watch tonight?” It felt like summer camp.”

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