4- Open Farm Homestead Turkey and Chicken Dry Cat Food

It’s rich in protein substances is eco-friendly and is very beneficial for pets.

Each piece made of chicken and Turkey meat, that is raised on natural farms contains a lot of non-GMO nutrients, as well as carrots and turmeric.

You can also track the source of all components using the batch number on the bag.

Hopen farm Homestead Pet Food bags are known to be the first in the USA to make pet food bags.

These foods do not contain the right moisture for your cats, so you moisturize the cat well before eating.

It made within the USA and Canada. You must pay close attention to the expiration date by making sure that all ingredients are natural and fresh on the farm.

The features

1-This Canadian cat food is made from natural proteins from family farms.

2-It contains a lot of nutrients that are useful for cats.

3-completely free from unnecessary preservatives.

4-Its packaging is free and recyclable, as well as a commitment to sustainability and transparency.