7 Things That Are Really Great Business Right Now

As you and your wallet can no doubt attest, a lot of things are going up in price these days, which makes it even more important to try to find items for sale.

Money expert Clark Howard says what’s interesting about the US economy right now is that while some items are skyrocketing, others are falling low, low, low!

“Obviously you go to the supermarket, it’s really ugly,” says Clark. “You try to buy a house. It got ugly. You try to rent an apartment: ugly. Buying a car, new or used: ugly ugly. But then buying material has been a real deal in so many categories.”

So where are these deals? Along with Clark, we enlisted ClarkDeals.com Managing Editor Charis Brown and Senior Editor Sarah Jordan to tell us which items are currently on sale.

Where are the big deals now?

laptops and computers

new laptop

Clark says people were paying a lot of money for computers at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but that is no longer the case.

Here are some current offers:

If you’re not ready to buy now, Sarah says Amazon Prime Day will likely be a good time to buy a laptop, as many retailers will lower prices to compete with Amazon. (We’re still awaiting word from Amazon on the exact July 2022 date.) “I also think laptops will drop again as we get close to back-to-school in late July/August,” says Sarah.

Is Amazon Prime worth it? Read this.


big screen television

“We’ve seen a handful of good deals on TVs recently, especially the larger sizes: 58 inches and up,” says Sarah.

Here are some great TV deals:


clothes on sale

Clark says apparel prices are down because there is excess inventory and retailers are trying to get rid of it.

“Clothing sales are everywhere, and retailers really have trailers full of clothing that they can’t even stock up from the trailer in their backstage to put on the floor,” says Clark. “A lot of clothes are going directly to clearance-type retailers like Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and stores like this have stock coming out of their ears and everyone wants to sell it to them.”

Charis says some other retailers also have good sales. “Costco usually has great prices on clothes. There’s also a “Buy 5, Save $20” promotion now, as well as a “Buy 10, Save $50” promotion, she says.

Here are some great clothing deals:

Here is a great list of current clothing deals.

Home appliances


Devices that were so ridiculously expensive in 2020 and 2021 are much cheaper now, says Clark. “Now retailers are falling all over themselves by offering sales, discounts and gift cards, and whatever, saying, ‘Come and get this device with us, please!’”

Sarah says Lowe’s typically does a “deal of the day,” greatly reducing the price of a single major appliance. “You just have to keep an eye out,” she adds.

Here are some home appliance deals we are seeing:

Here are the best times and places to buy a washer and dryer.

cell phone service

cell service

With AT&T and Verizon raising prices, now is the time to get cell phone service with some cheaper alternatives.

Here’s where you can get a deal on cell phone service:

Here are the best cell phone plans and deals.

exercise equipment

gym equipment

With the demand for fitness equipment decreasing, Clark is a great time to buy cheap fitness equipment.

“People have pandemic puppies, people have pandemic home exercise equipment, thinking they would get off the couches and onto the machines. So they proved much better at storing clothes that needed to be folded rather than used as gym equipment,” he says of the equipment. “Now people are selling these used things.”

Here are some great deals on fitness equipment:

You can also find great deals on fitness equipment on resale sites like Facebook Marketplace and Poshmark.

Here’s what to know about using Poshmark.

Home furniture

Home furniture

Here are some great deals on home furniture:

See more great deals from The Home Depot, as well as the many ways to save there.

Bonus: seasonal items

patio and garden goods for sale

Clark says that because of the supply chain disruptions that have plagued much of the retail world, seasonal products of all kinds didn’t show up in time. Many of these items are cheap right now.

When it comes to seasonal products like patio and garden items, here’s what’s on sale at the following retailers:

final thoughts

As always, Clark wants you to comparison shop before spending your hard-earned money on something you want or need.

“As for the general inflationary thing going on in the country, if you’ve never experienced this before, I know it sounds hopeless, but I promise it’s not,” he says. “The inflation we have will be under control.”

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