‘All Rise’ Recap: Season 3 Premiere, Episode 1 – Emily/Luke

Warning: The following text contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode everyone gets up premiere. Proceed at your own risk!

Judge Lola Carmichael’s fight for her seat is far from over everyone gets up. Though she won the election during the season three premiere on Tuesday by a slim margin, Lola still has a target on her back in the form of Corrine Cuthbert (guest star Anne Heche).

Elsewhere in the episode, Judge Lisa Benner was appointed to the Court of Appeals, paving the way for conservative Judge Thomas Marshall to potentially fill his position as supervising judge; Amy was hesitant to set a wedding date, while her fiancé Mark had not yet filled the position of deputy head of the prosecution; public defender Luke met with Emily, who returned to holistic practice, but he left the conversation for dinner with a new bailiff; Sara has settled into her new job as the victim’s attorney in the DDA’s office; and Amy was busy with Ness’s overtime pay process.

Below, showrunner Dee Harris-Lawrence details the characters’ professional and romantic futures after the season three opener.

TVLINE | Lola won the election by a slim margin, not a landslide, and Corrine is still behind her. So how much danger is Lola’s seat still in? And is that changing how she sees her work and how she rules?
It changes the way she sees her work, no how she rules. Lola doesn’t take her job for granted now, not that she’s ever done it, but even more [now]. It surprises her that people are shooting at her. But it also means she’s doing something right… Just like our election right now, a lot of people are talking about the judges and who they are and they should have a lot more screen time. Because they are non-partisan, people do not tend to single them out. It was a way of – which is funny that it ends up falling on Election Day [in California] – highlighting that you really should be paying attention to the judges you put on the bench. So he will play in other ways, [like] what happened to the campaign, etc., [and] Lola and Sherry will go through an arc at the start of the season.

TVLINE | With Lisa moving to the Court of Appeals, how will Lola cope with not having her mentor around, while also having this new set of eyes watching her on Judge Thomas Marshall?
She will miss her a lot. Judge Thomas Marshall, [Lola] never know where it comes from. She doesn’t know what he’s going to say, she doesn’t know how he’s going to react. He is very interested in her cases. And then she misses talking to Benner. Judge Delgado will try to take [Benner’s] place, but she knows that Benner was [Lola’s] mentor and they would talk things over. But you will also see the judges’ room with the different judges talking and with Judge Thomas Marshall. So this will happen throughout the season.

TVLINE | And how much will we see of Lisa going forward? Will she still be around?
Oh yes, she will be around. Not as much as in the hallways, but you’ll see her between the chambers, the HOJ, and the Court of Appeals. So it’s exciting that we can expand our worlds from HOJ, with everyone in their fresh start.

All Rise SummaryTVLINE | After his conversation with Lola, will Mark reconsider his position as head of ADD and not want to take it?
This whole arc is going to last for a while because, as you saw in the first episode, Bravo put you in charge of [filling] because he won’t accept. So it’s, OK, who does he see as a viable person for this role? Bravo will only wait a certain amount of time for him to make that decision. And is [Mark] Are you going to try to get in there before he puts someone in there that Mark won’t like or respond to?

TVLINE | Does Amy’s hesitation to set the wedding date signal bigger problems for her and Mark’s relationship?

TVLINE | Isn’t it just about health insurance for the husband?
Not. I mean, it’s that and other things.

TVLINE | Emily hasn’t been in contact with Luke for a long time, and she comes back and they’re still in different places, even though they’re physically in the same place now. So where does that leave them in terms of romantic prospects this season?
Learning to be friends. They will go on a journey. I can tell the fans it’s going to be a satisfying journey, but they’re going to go through a journey, and it’s really a journey of friendship… [does] their friendship now looks like when they are working together? Well, not working together, but working at HOJ, [with] Emily in a different role, and then Luke finding his niche in the public defender’s office, and what’s that like?

All Rise SummaryTVLINE | Is there a part of him that is upset that she didn’t call him, that she didn’t keep in touch?
I think he learned in season two not to push. He too has changed. And that was a big thing, even at the beginning of the season, I’m like, “You’ve changed as a character, too. You’ve found your way to what you want to do and be a public defender. It was hard when Emily left, but you figured out how to move on. So when she comes back, Luke is in a different place. Everyone’s like, “Oh, what’s Emily going to be like?” but Luke is in a different place too, which becomes intriguing to Emily like, “OK, what did I miss? What happened?” So they are two people who know each other but are learning new things about each other.

TVLINE | I think one of the questions viewers will be asking after the premiere is: What’s going on with Luke and the new bailiff?
[Laughs] We have to keep an eye on that!

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