NVIDIA announces Grace CPU and Grace Hopper superchip powered by ‘VENADO’ supercomputer with an impressive 10 exaflops of maximum AI performance

NVIDIA has just announced that their Grace CPU and Grace Hopper Superchips will power the insane 10 Exaflops ‘VENADO’ supercomputer being built by Los Alamos National Laboratory. NVIDIA Grace CPU and Grace Hopper superchips to power the ‘VENDAO’ supercomputer 10 Exaflops Press release: NVIDIA today announced that several of the world’s leading computer manufacturers are … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Daughter Ruby’s ‘Beautiful’ Wedding to Partner Kynthia

Jamie Lee Curtis celebrated her daughter Ruby’s wedding over the weekend, but it wasn’t a traditional event. The Halloween star shared photos from the event showing brides Ruby – who is trans – and her partner Kynthia dressed in ‘cosplay’ like their favorite video game characters. Curtis, 63, had previously revealed that he would officiate … Read more

Want to see the potential Herculides tau meteor shower? Here’s what to expect, according to NASA.

When fragments of a broken comet approach Earth tonight, the odds of a meteor storm are “hit or miss”, says NASA. But astronomers are excited about the potential for a swarm of new shooting stars. The agency advises skywatchers to watch the constellation Hercules tonight (May 30-31) for signs of chunks of 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (also … Read more

Cannes Film Festival winners: see who won in 2022

Cannes at 75: standout looks on the red carpet Cannes at 75: standout looks on the red carpet LaKeith Stanfield arrived in a soft velvet robe and jewel brooch. Cannes at 75: standout looks on the red carpet While Gemma Chan opted for a bold lace strapless dress. Cannes at 75: standout looks on the … Read more