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Living in an apartment poses some challenges when it comes to picking the right cat breed. Space is limited, so you’ll want a cat that is satisfied with less room to roam. Neighbors are close by, so it’s ideal to have a breed that is quiet and not prone to noisy meowing. And some apartments don’t allow pets over a certain weight, so a smaller cat is key. Here are some of the best cat breeds to consider for apartments living.

Small Cat Breeds

Best cat breeds for apartments tend to be on the smaller side, as they don’t require as much space and many apartment complexes have weight limits for pets. Some great small breed options include:


The Siamese is an intelligent, vocal, and active breed that typically weighs between 8-15 pounds. Siamese cats make great apartment pets because they form strong bonds with their owners and crave human interaction. As long as they receive adequate playtime and mental stimulation, the Siamese is content with less space.


The Munchkin has short little legs, but a full-sized cat body and head. They typically weigh between 5-9 pounds. Don’t let their small size fool you – Munchkins are lively and social. They do well in apartments because they don’t need a ton of room to play and jump, and their quiet voice makes themideal for close living spaces.


Weighing just 4-8 pounds, the Singapura is a petite but mighty breed. They love perching up high so they can survey their territory. With their big personalities in a small package, Singapuras thrive in apartments where they get plenty of playtime and cuddles. Their quiet voice is also a major plus.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cats have big ears, large eyes, and a curly coat. They are known to be active, mischievous, and enjoy climbing up to high places. Weighing 6-9 pounds, the Devon Rex is playful and friendly making them great apartment cats. They don’t require much space and do well with limited outdoor access.

Calm Breeds

In addition to small cat breeds, best cat breeds for apartments also tend to be calm in nature. Busy, noisy environments can cause stress and anxiety for some cats. Cat breeds that are cool, collected, and don’t startle easily tend to do better in apartments. Some mellow breeds to consider include:


Known for their sweet, docile nature and tendency to go limp when held, Ragdolls make ideal apartment pets. They are moderate in size (10-15 pounds) and activity level. Ragdolls are affectionate and love to follow their owners around and cuddle up on laps.

Scottish Fold

With their adorable folded ears, Scottish Folds have a calm, easygoing personality. They adapt well to apartment living, even small spaces, as long as their moderate activity needs are met. Scottish Folds thrive when they get daily playtime and interaction with their human.

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The Birman is a medium-sized breed (6-12 pounds) known for being well-mannered and quiet. Birmans form deep bonds with their humans. They enjoy playing but also spending quality lap time. As long as they get the interaction and stimulation they need, Birmans are content relaxing at home.

Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair has the same sweet, gentle temperament of the Persian but in a more compact package. They weigh 7-12 pounds making them apartment-friendly. Exotics enjoyplaying but are also happy lounging around. They aren’t overly active and adapt well to indoor environments.

Apartment Living Considerations for Best cat breeds for apartments

While certain breeds tend to do better in apartments, there are steps you can take to make any cat happy and comfortable in a small home:

  • Provide vertical space. Cat trees, shelving, and cat perches allow cats to climb and survey their territory.
  • Catify the space. Use puzzle feeders, toys, scratching posts to stimulate their mind and body. Rotate toys to prevent boredom.
  • Offer windows. A bird’s eye view is enriching. Place perches by windows so they can watch the world outside.
  • Consider litter mate. A bonded sibling pair may enjoy having a companion to play with.
  • Establish a routine. Cats thrive on predictability. Feed, play and interact at consistent times each day.

With the right breed selection and some simple adjustments, apartment living can be very enjoyable and fulfilling for cats and owners alike! While energetic breeds like Bengals and Savannahs may not be ideal, many breeds that are smart, social, and moderately active tend to thrive. Focus on your cat’s individual personality and needs to find your perfect apartment match.




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