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Selecting the right cat breed for your family and children can be an exciting experience. While all cats have unique personalities, some breeds tend to be more affectionate, playful and patient – making them ideal for households with kids. Here are some of the best cat breeds for kids and families to consider:

Family Friendly Cat Breeds


The Ragdoll is one of the most popular cat breeds for families with children. Known for their laidback and docile personalities, Ragdolls are affectionate cats that thrive on human companionship. Some key traits of the Ragdoll breed include:

  • Extremely tolerant, gentle and easygoing temperament
  • Low aggression and rarely use their claws
  • Enjoy being held and cuddled
  • Get along well with other pets and children
  • Playful and enjoy interacting with families

The Ragdoll’s patience and fondness for being handled make them one of the best cat breeds for kids and families. They adapt well to loud and active households.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a highly intelligent and playful breed that makes a great family pet. They have an easygoing personality and enjoy playing games like fetch with kids. Here are some Maine Coon characteristics:

  • Gently temperament and family-friendly
  • Very smart and can learn tricks
  • Good-natured and sociable
  • Large size makes them sturdy for handling
  • Requires daily exercise and playtime

The Maine Coon’s combination of gentle giant temperament and playfulness helps them thrive in homes with children. They are one of the best cat breeds for kids and families seeking an interactive and patient companion.


Persian cats are known for their beautiful long-haired coats and sweet personalities that endear them to children. Key traits include:

  • Calm, quiet and gentle nature
  • Thrive on affection and being petted
  • Enjoy lounging in laps and naptime
  • Relatively low activity levels
  • Generally tolerant of handling

The Persian’s affectionate personality and comparatively mellow temperament make them one of the best cat breeds for kids and families – especially households with younger or special needs children requiring a gentle companion.

Kid-Friendly Cat Characteristics

In addition to breed dispositions, there are some key behavioral traits that make for best cat breeds for kids and families:

  • Tolerance of handling – Breeds that accept and enjoy being held and petted help prevent scratches.
  • Patience – Breeds that are playful but have extended patience for a child’s enthusiasm helps builds bonds.
  • Affectionate nature – Breeds that thrive on human interaction fit well in busy family settings.
  • Intelligence – Smart breeds can be trained and are interactive.
  • Friendliness – Breeds that get along with children, other pets are ideal.

Considering these cat characteristics along with breed traits will help match your family with one of the best cat breeds for kids and families.

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Other Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds

In addition to the Ragdoll, Maine Coon and Persian, here are some other great cat breeds for families with children:

  • Abyssinian – Active, friendly breed that loves to play.
  • Birman – Sweet, gentle breed that thrives on companionship.
  • Burmese – Outgoing and likes to play interactive games.
  • Himalayan – Affectionate and laid-back, just like the Persian.
  • Tonkinese – Intelligent, lively and affectionate breed.
  • British Shorthair – Calm, easygoing family companion.
  • Devon Rex – Curious, loyal breed fond of learning tricks.
  • Scottish Fold – Patient, sweet natured and enjoys human interaction.

Choosing the Right Breed

When selecting one of the best cat breeds for kids and families, be sure to consider:

  • Your child’s age and activity level
  • If your child has any special needs
  • If you have other pets that require compatibility
  • Your family’s activity levels and noise/chaos tolerance
  • Which breeds align best with your lifestyle

Reputable breeders or shelters can also help match your family with the right breed based on your unique preferences.

Tips for Integrating Cats & Kids

Here are some additional tips for successfully integrating cats and kids:

  • Supervise all interactions, especially with very young children
  • Train kids how to gently pet and properly handle cats
  • Make sure cats have escape routes if interactions become overstimulating
  • Set up a sanctuary room for your cat for quiet time away from kids
  • Socialize your cat early on to noises, activity and handling
  • Consider adopting adults cats that are already accustomed to children
  • Lock up the litter box away from kids’ curiosity and access
  • Store any toxic chemicals safely out of reach and access

With the proper breed selection, preparation and training, adding one of the best cat breeds for kids and families can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone. The right cat can provide children with a friendly companion that creates many memorable moments.







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