Big star sparks rivalry with Roman Reigns; SmackDown Star Canceled?

WWE has produced a solid effort for its latest premium live event, Hell in a Cell. There wasn’t a lot of construction or fanfare around the show, but enough happened to get viewers talking.

None of the seven games were terrible, and while some card decisions weren’t the best, many of them were great. WWE did a lot of things right during last night’s show that could shape the future of the product and some of its superstars.

So with that in mind, here are five things the company got right in Hell in a Cell:

#5. WWE opens Hell in a Cell with a banger

Three of WWE's Top Female Stars!



WWE EST was finally victorious in what was the right decision. She continues her reign at the top of the RAW women’s division after adding another major title defense to her collection. Belair was powerfully impressive, repaying the company’s faith in her as a major event.

It looks like Lynch will continue his pursuit of the belt, while Asuka’s future will likely be far from the title picture for now. WWE maintained the red-brand momentum in Hell in a Cell, particularly with women.

#4. Kevin Owens defeats Ezekiel

Ezekiel was broken into in Hell in a Cell.



The story between Ezekiel and Kevin Owens wasn’t the most serious on the way to Hell in a Cell, but their departure impressed. It was quite competitive, with some convincing drops during that.

The ideal scenario happened when Owens got a clean win with the stunner. It’s his first win at a premium WWE live event in over a year. Hopefully, the company continues to push KO’s on the card depending on where their angle with Ezekiel is. It remains to be seen what comes next for Elias’ younger brother on RAW.

#3. A big win for Madcap Moss



Madcap Moss ended his feud with Happy Corbin at the top by defeating his former employer in a brutal No Holds Barred Match at Hell in a Cell. He did this after wrapping a steel chair around Corbin’s neck and dropping the steel steps onto it.

This allows Moss to shine as a babyface on SmackDown, with the blue mark in need of credible good guys. Also, Corbin will be off TV for a few weeks as he has been pulled out of the arena. WWE announced that he suffered a minor neck injury.

Fortunately, this is the end of his current gimmick, and he reverts to something more interesting on his return. Last year, his run as a broke man proved just how good Baron Corbin’s character work could be.

#two. Bobby Lashley to move forward to bigger and better things



Bobby Lashley was massively among the Chicago crowd at Hell in a Cell. Fan support was vindicated with a big win for The All-Mighty, defeating Omos and MVP in a Handicap Match.

It was the right move by WWE. Lashley has the best potential in terms of future stories. And it looks like your next story could be as big as possible. He celebrated with a replica of a fan’s WWE Championship belt before indicating he was going for the real thing on social media.

It’s a direct message to Roman Reigns, the company’s only men’s world champion. The Tribal Chief has many potential challengers, from Riddle to Drew McIntyre. Adding Bobby Lashley to the mix only makes things more exciting.

#1. A wounded Cody Rhodes stands tall inside Hell in a Cell

A career-defining win for The American Nightmare in WWE!



The most significant development from Hell in a Cell was the eponymous match between Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes, with the latter sporting a nasty injury before the match. The American Nightmare tore his pectoral muscle as he prepared for the match, but still managed to compete.

He didn’t just compete; he excelled. Rhodes delivered the performance of a lifetime, with fans and fighters showing their immense appreciation for him. He received ample punishment from Rollins, with the Hell in a Cell Match featuring kendo sticks, tables, bull ropes and even a sledgehammer.

After several close falls, Cody won with a sledgehammer to the head. Considering how brave he was, his victory was the right result. Wrestlers usually put their opponents on the exit, but this is a special case. Fortunately, Seth Rollins can take the loss.

WWE has done a great job with Cody Rhodes since his return, as he remains undefeated since appearing at WrestleMania 38. His victory at Hell in a Cell only heightens anticipation for his eventual return, wherever he may be.

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