Does Dax Shepard know the best way to order a Big Mac?

Left: Dax Shepard;  Right: McDonald's Big Mac

Photograph: Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Image: McDonalds

In a recent episode of armchair specialist podcast, the conversation turned, as it sometimes does, to McDonald’s. Comedian Dax Shepard, who hosts the show with Monica Padman, released his McDonald’s special order: two Big Macs with extra sauce and extra cheese, accompanied by oversized fries and a “huge” Diet Coke.

“Do you want to be mad at me?” guest guest Ike Barinholtz. “I take a Big Mac and take that piece of bread out of the middle, man… Try it sometime. Iit’s interesting.”

Barinholtz was referring to the extra layer of bread that sits in the center of each Big Mac, separating the ss specialsauce, pickles and onions from the lower hamburger. Shepard mocked Barinholtz, insisting that if you’re going to buy a Big Mac, you should go all-inside.

“I can’t eat two-thirds of the bread in a Big Mac,” Shepard said. You’re in, man. You are for a penny, you are for a pound.”

Barinholtz insisted it’s not a carb-conscious thing. “It is because the meat in the meat with the saucehits well.”

Padman suggested that the extra bread be inserted in the middle of the sandwich. as a “paste maker”. Shepard agreed to try a Big Mac without medium bun once, but said it had to be tit-for-tat, encouraging Barinholtz to try the extra sauce.extra cheese modification. “It’s a game-exchanger,Shepard assured his guest.

The whole conversation got me thinking about the act of customize fast food orders for perfection. Is one of these celebrities— or both — had designed the perfect sandwich? I decided to dip my toe in the wide waters of Big Mac customization and try both versions.

My husband, Attic, accompanied me on this journey through the Big Mac Land, in the interest of ffull disclosure, I should note that we share the Big Macs. But the bites were taken from the burger’s rounded outer edge instead of the central area in straight sliceslike this to better imitate the typical experience of taking that first bite of a fast food sandwichlifted up direct from the box to the mouth. This is science folkswe need to take this seriously.

Big Mac Modification #1: no medium bread

I tried the no-quite-Big Mac bread first. Taking that central slice right away transformed McDonald’s subscription offer into a much more meat-forward sandwich. I was surprised at how much the meat-on-meat aspect changed the whole experience for me. Was there more…chewing? Perhaps this goes to Padman’s point about bread being a paste maker.

Garrett felt that the lack of bread highlighted the fact that the hamburgers themselves areit is not the best. I was never under the impression that McDonald’s burgers were spectacular, just good…so I wasn’t scared of it. still i’m I’m not sure I liked the meat be the star of the Big Mac. It is also inevitable that by removing the bread from the center, you will lose some of the special sauce that is stuck to it; the reduced volume of sauce may also have increased the hamburgers’ presence.

I think Barinholtz description of this Big Mac like “interesting” is the right way. Was interesting. I’m glad I tried it once.

Big Mac Modification #2: extra sauce, extra cheese

I live in a divided house: Garret felt it seasoning to hamburger ratio it was too much, declaring that McDonald’s was right in the first place. I think it ended with the Big Mac changes in general. I, however, really liked the advantage that the extra sauce provided. It was an experience.

The sauce was, by design, the headliner here, to the point where I’m not sure you need the extra cheese. It is possible that what I was experiencing was the magic combination of the sauce. most the cheese, but it’s so possible the cheese was dominated by the sauce and was therefore unnecessary. It was difficult to analyze.

if you’re in the flavor of McDonald’ss specialsauce then you should definitely try this. I say “if” because my brother told me he asks for a Big Mac no special saucewhich makes no sense to me—but he explained that he liked the lettuce and the general construction of the sandwich, just not the sauce.

This modification of the Big Mac costs more, starting with an extra $0.59 for the additional cheese slice. (The McDonald’s app offers the option to add up to five extra slices, which costs $2.36 and that’s so much cheese I’m now tempted to try it.) The extra sauce, however, costs $0.60which brings the total sandwich price to $6.78 on its own or $10.98 for an average meal (compared to $5.59 for the sandwich or $9.79 for the meal). These prices vary by region and location, but be aware that you will pay extra for this custom order when removing the central bun at the la Barinholtz is free.

Other Ways to Customize a Big Mac

I have to admit I never thought about changing a Big Mac before it is classic formulation was discussed about armchair specialistand now i’m wondering what else could make it awesome.

McDonald’s app lets you add extra diced onions, chopped lettuce, pickles and salt to your Big Mac at the no extra cost, and you can add extra meat for $1. It also gives you the option to add certain no-Great Mac Ingredients: tomato for $0.75, or mayonnaise for free. Ordering in person probably means you don’t even have to limit yourself to what the app lets you do. (Just don’t over complicate it, for the sake of the people who need to call and assemble their order.)

you have your own custom Big Mac you like to order? Please let me know about it so I can try it out for myself.

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