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Going to Goodwill is always exciting, as you never know what treasures you’ll come across. That’s what makes the economy so exciting, and those of us who love to shop for vintage clothes love to find something unique from the past. And Goodwill has more to offer than items for your closet: you can also buy second-hand books, appliances and even furniture. But the nonprofit is now shutting off customers from a different service that many of us rely on. Read on to find out what Goodwill won’t allow some customers to do until July 5th.

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Earlier this month, Goodwill made headlines with a former employee sharing some of the least appealing “secrets” about the thrift store’s practices. The former employee, named Jonathan, took to TikTok to discuss his time as Goodwill’s drive-thru ambassador. He explained in his video that certain “valuable” donated items are designed to be sold on Goodwill’s online platform rather than in physical stores.

Several users commented on the Tiktok video, with many claiming to have noticed lackluster stock in their local stores. On the other hand, other commentators said their Goodwill store doesn’t follow this practice, or claimed they only donate to independent thrift stores in the first place.

But for those who donate to Goodwill, you might be dismayed to hear of a recent announcement from the company.

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Cleaning up unwanted belongings can be cathartic, and Goodwill often makes it easy to deliver your donations. You can take bagged or boxed goods to your local donation center or donation box, drop them off and be on your way. There is an added bonus if you manage to get to a donation center with an attendant, as you will receive a receipt that you can use to claim a deduction on your tax return.

But people in Maine may want to hold off on any late spring cleaning or closet cleaning, as Goodwill stores in the state will not accept new donations for now, said a June 21 announcement from the organization. The break also applies to stores in Portsmouth and Somersworth, New Hampshire.

According to the announcement, stores in Maine and New Hampshire stopped accepting donations on June 22 and plan to remain closed until July 5.

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According to Goodwill, the pause in donations is due to staff shortages as well as supply problems. Donation centers in Maine also received a “large number of donations” that have yet to be processed or placed in the sales area, WMTW reported.

“We hope this brief break will help stores move forward,” Heather Steeves, communications manager for Goodwill Northern England, told the agency, encouraging applicants to fill out a job application. “If you know someone who is looking for work, we are hiring.”

Goodwill is by no means the only retailer adversely affected by staffing issues and labor shortages, which date back to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as COVID numbers have declined and restrictions have been reversed, employers are still struggling to fill vacancies and find qualified candidates. In fact, during the first quarter of 2022, the hospitality and retail sectors had more than 1 million new job openings, according to a new report from human resources firm PeopleReady.

However, this is the first time since the pandemic that Goodwill has been forced to stop accepting donations, WABI reported.

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The news is not all bad, and the thrifty might even consider it their lucky day. According to WMTW, Goodwill said thrift stores will have even more inventory to rummage through stores and “the best shopping opportunities” in years. Over the next two weeks, if you live in Maine or New Hampshire, consider stopping by to browse your local Goodwill and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

If you were planning on donating, you can be sure Goodwill will allow Mainers to drop off goods again after the holiday weekend – but hopefully, you won’t have to wait that long. “We hope to open donations sooner and will update this if we do,” the announcement page reads.

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