Impact Slammiversary 2022 Preview and Predictions: Celebrating 20 Years

Impact Wrestling’s history has been a roller coaster ride from the days of TNA until now. The hard-to-kill promotion never surrendered. Even through rebellions, Impact was destined for glory. The 20 year journey is coming together to slammiversary on June 19th.

Let’s break down the card with a preview and predictions.

Impact World Championship

The main event represents who will carry Impact for the next 20 years. Josh Alexander is set to defend the world title against Eric Young.

EY earned his chance by winning a Gauntlet for the Gold. The story is simple. Young wants the belt for personal glory, while Alexander wants to carry the Impact legacy into the future.

The X-factors will be Young’s goofs walking around. Joe Doering and Deaner will no doubt play a role at some point. Alexander needs to find a way to neutralize these threats.

Prediction: Josh Alexander holds. Impact has put a lot of time into creating Alexander as the face that runs the place. It’s too early in his journey to relinquish the belt here. Alexander has a lot of room to grow as a champion and become an Impact legend.

Queen of the Mountain for the Knockouts Championship

In honor of the 20th anniversary celebration, Impact has brought back one of the signature match concepts in the King of the Mountain match. Gail Kim has assembled a group of former Knockout champions to compete in the first Queen of the Mountain match. The rules are like a reverse ladder game. The winner has to climb up and hang his belt high above the ring. To be eligible for victory, a wrestler must earn a pinfall or submission. That fallen fighter enters a penalty box for a fixed period of time.

Tasha Steelz enters with the Knockouts Championship on her belt.

Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim round out the competition. Keeping the flavor of the 20th anniversary celebration, Mickie James was invited to follow the action as a special guest performer.

Preview: Chelsea Green wins the Knockout Championship. Any one of the five participants would be a worthy winner. I’m rolling with Green because she seems to be hatching a sneaky game plan. Green approached Purrazzo for a partnership. We all know that Green can’t be trusted when gold is in dispute. I think she’s going to use Purrazzo to set up a win-win scenario for a treacherous victory. Purrazzo is not a dummy. Virtuosa will not be fooled so easily. Green will have to be more cunning.

World Impact Doubles Championship

The Briscoes stood out with the gold of the duo Impact. The Good Brothers cleared the way for the match claiming that the Briscoes are false champions. Their reasoning was that the Briscoes never defeated them on Impact. Until the Briscoes can do that, Jay and Mark aren’t legit. The Good Brothers have bragging rights with a victory over the Briscos in Multiverse of Matches. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows received assistance from the Bullet Club en route to a cheap win.

An x factor could be Mark Briscoe’s energy level. Earlier this week, a baby was added to Briscoe’s family tree.

Forecast: Briscos maintains. Dem Boys and tag team action go together like peanut butter and jelly. They will find the right recipe to treat the Good Brothers like stale bread.

Ultimate X for the X-Division Championship

When Impact wants to throw a party, they bring back the Ultimate X match. The Ultimate X victory concept is similar to a ladder fight, except there are cables above the ring forming an X instead of ladders. Scale the corner structures, swing the ropes and recover the title. It sounds easy, but it’s dangerous.

Ace Austin enters the X-Division Championship against the field of Trey Miguel, Kenny King, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Jack Evans and Alex Zayne. The talent level is off the charts. Expect pure grandeur.

Prediction: Ace Austin keeps. Ace’s success winning the title positioned him to join the Bullet Club. Losing such an important match so soon would not be a good idea.

Knockout Doubles World Championship

Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne are the current title holders of the Knockouts tag. Lately they’ve been picking on Rosemary, so Taya Valkyrie came to the rescue. Rosemary is right not to trust Taya just yet. Taya tried to kill Rosemary’s virginal fiancé. However, the allure of gold soothes feelings.

A potential factor x could be Havok. It hasn’t been seen since it was demolished by Masha Slamovich. If Havok returns for this match, no one knows what kind of mood she’ll be in. This could end up costing Rosemary a chance at victory.

Prediction: Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie as new champions. Belts would be nice, but I’m more interested in anything that can keep Rosemary and Taya together while they heal old wounds. Taya is betting on Ragnarok’s return. Rosemary needs encouragement. If that means they need to earn the tag titles as reluctant allies, so be it.

monster ball

Sami Callihan is out for revenge after her ankle was broken by Moose. For the ultimate payoff, a Monster’s Ball match is exactly what the doctor ordered. The fighting part is basically a hardcore No DQ contest. The twist is that both combatants are locked in a room for 24 hours without food, water, and light. The idea is that they turn into monsters ready to rip themselves apart.

Prediction: Moose prevails. Something tells me Sami Callihan doesn’t care about winning. He’s more interested in distributing the pain. Moose can use this to his advantage when it comes time to get out of the rodeo.

Honor No More vs. Impact Originals

Honor No More has been a threat to Impact since they arrived. Eddie Edwards leads the charge alongside Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent and PCO tonight. They intend to ruin the 20th anniversary celebration.

A brave squad of Impact Originals is on the way. Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, and Frankie Kazarian were tasked with fighting for Impact’s honor. They were allowed to choose their two final partners as long as those men represented a love for Impact. Nick Aldis was revealed as one of the heroes.

The final member of Impact Originals remains a mystery. AEW is home to several key players from TNA’s past, so there could be a chance that the Forbidden Door will open again. After this week’s TV episodes of AEW, a man I thought was a long shot has emerged as a potential candidate. I’ve been waiting for Samoa Joe this whole time, but he’s still ‘injured’ in the AEW story world. For the sake of continuity, it may not be available. Christian Cage was another strong choice, but he turned into the villainous Jungle Boy. He can be very bad at the moment to defend Impact. One man who shot up the charts in a hurry is Sting. He made a surprise return to AEW and would definitely fit in as a member of the TNA Hall of Fame. Other big names that crossed my mind are James Storm, Ken Shamrock, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and EC3.

For the x factor, keep an eye out for cheating. Edwards was the last man to turn his back on Impact. His actions helped Honor No More win contracts to stay on Impact. There were no strong hints in the buildup for this one. But if I had to pick someone to keep an eye on, it would be Shelley. He was going through a history of frustration losing to the youngsters, so that was forgotten by this dispute. I have a feeling he might be susceptible to Edwards in his ear.

Prediction: Impact Originals win. This show is about celebrating the last 20 years of Impact. The wellness ending is on tap for this match.

Impact Digital Media Championship (pre-show)

Rich Swann is the rightful champion, but the belt is in the hands of Brian Myers. Swann defeated Matt Cardona to win the Impact Digital Media Championship. Cardona stole the title on the way out. Cardona then suffered a biceps injury, so he handed the award to Myers.

Prediction: Brian Myers loses but retains the belt. The longer Rich Swann doesn’t have the championship in his possession, the longer he will give this story legs.

Reverse Battle Royale (pre-show)

To kick off the celebration, Impact is bringing back one of their wildest creations. Reverse Battle Royal rules dictate that the field starts outside the ring. Half of the participants try to get in the ring to lower the numbers, then transition to regular battle royale rules. I believe Shera and Johnny Swinger are the only official entrants so far. This leaves a lot of room for explosions from the past to make a surprise appearance.

Prediction: Not knowing the field, I will take a chance and select Lance Archer. He would be a fun monster to borrow from AEW with the intention of destroying the house. Archer was a two-time NWA tag champion in his previous run with TNA. For a safer choice, Steve Maclin is the choice. He has strong momentum without a match on the card.

slammiversary starts at 8pm ET on PPV and Fite TV. The free pre-show kicks off the party at 7:30pm ET on YouTube.

Share your predictions for slammiversary.

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