Is pet insurance worth it for cats?




Is pet insurance worth it for cats? Getting pet insurance for your cat can provide valuable financial protection against unexpected veterinary costs. While some pet owners may hesitate at the monthly expense, pet insurance offers many potential benefits that can make it a worthwhile investment for cat owners.

What does pet insurance cover for cats?

Pet insurance policies for cats generally cover a percentage of costs related to accidents, illnesses, injuries, hospitalization, surgeries, prescriptions, and more. There are different types of coverage to choose from:

Accident and illness coverage

This is the most comprehensive type of pet insurance. It covers veterinary costs related to both accidents and illnesses. Is pet insurance worth it for cats? This type of coverage reimburses you for diagnostic tests, surgeries, hospital stays, medications, and other treatments. Accident and illness policies often have an annual limit on reimbursements.

Accident-only coverage

As the name suggests, this covers emergency vet care required for injuries suffered in accidents. This includes broken bones, bites, cuts, and other trauma. Is pet insurance worth it for cats? Accident-only plans have lower premiums but provide less coverage than accident and illness plans.

Wellness coverage

Some pet insurance companies offer wellness coverage either as an add-on or separate policy. This helps pay for routine preventive care like vaccinations, dental cleanings, annual exams, lab tests, and more. Wellness coverage often has an annual limit.

What are the benefits of pet insurance for cats?

There are several advantages to having pet insurance for your cat:

  • Peace of mind: Pet insurance can provide financial security knowing you have help covering large, unexpected vet bills. This leads to less stress when your cat needs urgent care.
  • Access to veterinary care: Pet insurance helps pet parents afford diagnostics, treatment and medications they otherwise may forgo due to cost. Is pet insurance worth it for cats? With insurance, you can focus on your cat’s care and recovery, not the bill.
  • Prevention of chronic conditions: Cats often hide signs of illness. Insurance helps facilitate early diagnosis and treatment before conditions become severe and more expensive.
  • Freedom to choose any vet: You can visit any licensed vet and get reimbursement later. Without pet insurance, treatment options are limited if your regular vet is unavailable.
  • Lower long-term costs: Preventive care leads to fewer health problems down the road. Pet insurance can lower total lifetime veterinary expenses.

What factors determine the cost of pet insurance for cats?

Several main factors impact how much you’ll pay in monthly premiums for cat insurance:

  • Type/amount of coverage: Plans with accident and illness coverage, higher annual limits, and lower deductibles will have higher premiums.
  • Cat’s age: Premiums are lower for kittens and increase as cats age, especially over 10 years old.
  • Cat’s breed: Some breeds are predisposed to certain genetic conditions that make premiums cost more.
  • Your location: Insurance rates vary by where you live due to differences in veterinary costs.
  • Reimbursement type: Using a benefits schedule with set amounts reimbursed lowers premiums compared to plans covering a percentage of actual vet charges.
  • Wellness coverage: Adding routine/preventive care benefits increases premiums but may be worthwhile.
  • Deductible amount: Choosing a higher deductible before coverage kicks in leads to lower monthly premiums.

Is pet insurance worth the cost for cats?

Is pet insurance worth it for cats? Whether pet insurance makes financial sense depends on your individual circumstances and needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Your cat’s health: Kittens and healthy adult cats under 10 benefit more from coverage than seniors with pre-existing conditions.
  • Your current savings: If you have little savings, insurance provides a safety net for big unexpected vet bills.
  • Your cat’s breed: Some purebred cats are prone to inherited diseases that can require expensive treatment.
  • Your budget: Compare premiums to your disposable income and typical vet costs to see if insurance fits.
  • What’s covered: Accident and illness coverage provides more value than accident-only for non-emergency care.
  • Vet costs in your area: Average pet healthcare costs vary greatly by region, so insurance value differs too.
  • Possible exclusions: Review policy details to ensure coverage aligns with your cat’s needs.

While monthly premiums add up over time, one significant health event could greatly exceed those costs. For many cat owners, the security of being able to provide needed veterinary care outweighs those predictable expenses. Still, pet insurance may not make sense for every cat or pet parent. Understanding your cat’s risk factors and your own finances can help guide the decision.

Comparing pet insurance providers for cats

If you decide pet insurance is right for your cat, choosing a provider is an important next step. Here’s an overview of top pet insurers and factors to compare:

Company Starting Premiums Deductible Options Reimbursement Policy Wellness Coverage?
Pumpkin $10/month $100-$1000 70-90% based on plan Add-on available
Lemonade $10/month $100-$1000 70-100% based on plan Bundled preventive care
ASPCA $16/month $100-$1000 70-90% based on plan Add-on available
Figo $10/month $100-$1000 70-100% based on plan Bundled preventive care
Embrace $15/month $200-$1000 70-90% based on plan Add-on available

When selecting pet insurance, compare aspects like monthly premiums, reimbursement rates, annual coverage limits, exclusions, customer service reputation, ease of claim processing, and any extra benefits like covering lost pets. Thinking through these factors will help you find the right plan for your needs and budget.

Frequently asked questions about pet insurance for cats

Here are answers to some common questions cat owners have about pet insurance:

When should I get pet insurance for my cat?

The best time to enroll your cat is when they are young and healthy. Most plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s ideal to sign up before any health issues can develop or be diagnosed. Many companies allow enrollment starting at 8 weeks old.

Does pet insurance cover routine vet visits for cats?

Routine wellness care like annual exams and vaccinations are not included unless you purchase a separate wellness plan. Some providers have this available as an add-on package. Accident and illness insurance covers only medical problems requiring emergency or specialty veterinary treatment.

Do I have to visit certain vets if I have pet insurance?

No, you can use any licensed veterinarian and get reimbursed later by your pet insurer. There are no in-network requirements or restrictions.

How do I file an insurance claim for my cat?

You pay your vet bill up front, then submit a claim to your provider with documentation from the vet listing treatment details, charges, and other claim requirements. Insurers typically process claims within 2 weeks.

What vet costs are excluded by cat insurance plans?

Most companies don’t cover exam fees for regular wellness visits or pre-existing conditions diagnosed before enrollment. Other common exclusions are dental disease, prescription diets, grooming/boarding, elective/cosmetic procedures, and breeding or pregnancy-related care.

The bottom line

Is pet insurance worth it for cats? There are good reasons to consider insuring your beloved feline companion. The right policy can give cat owners financial peace of mind and make veterinary care affordable in emergencies. While premiums add up over time, one major health crisis could easily exceed those costs for an uninsured pet. However, budget, lifestyle factors, and your cat’s specific needs should determine if insurance makes sense for your situation. Thoroughly researching plans to find the best fit can help maximize the value you get from insuring your cat.

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