Jacob Batalon sparks hobgoblin speculation with new photo

Spider-Man: No Way Home It may have been the final chapter of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man origin story, but that doesn’t mean MCU fans have seen the last of the web-slinger or his friends. While the Multiversal epic masterfully established Spidey’s future in New York City, due to Doctor Strange’s spell, the future of Jacob Batalon’s Ned and Zendaya’s MJ is in question and a big topic of discussion. spiderman 4 speculation.

No Way Home‘s emotional ending confirms that MJ and Ned are still heading to MIT; however, leading to this tearful conclusion, the film teases Ned’s own superhero – and supervillain – potential.

In addition to showing Ned’s ability to open portals and have him briefly use the Cloak of Levitation, No Way Home included a moment where Ned finds out from Tobey Maguire’s Peter that his best friend has turned into a villain and tried to kill him. This leads Ned to promise Tom Holland’s Peter that he wouldn’t do the same; however, in the comics, Ned Leeds is often associated with a villain known as the Hobgoblin.


As fans eagerly await news about spiderman 4Ned Leed’s Jacob Batalon has just added fuel to the speculative fires about his character’s potentially bleak future.

Jacob Batalon Teases His Future Hobgoblin Spider-Man

Jacob Batalon recently shared an image of himself holding a Hobgoblin action figure on his Instagram story, which was shared via Reddit, leading to more speculation about Ned Leeds’ future in the MCU.

The image can be seen below:

Spider-Man 4 Ned Hobgoblin

Although Ned Leeds’ character has been associated with the Hobgoblin in the comics, it’s a complicated story.

Several individuals in the comics have possessed the Hobgoblin persona over the years, including Robert Kingsley, who acquired the Green Goblin’s equipment and dabbled in the criminal underworld. Ned Leeds is drawn into the drama after being brainwashed into believing he is the Hobgoblin and even forms an alliance with the Kingpin’s son to take down Wilson Fisk.

In response to Batalon’s photo, several fans shared their views on the possibility of Peter Parker’s “guy in the chair” becoming the Hobgoblin.

For example, HavengulWitch stated that Ned is very “healthy to be a little menacing” and this past Spider man franchises have “threw away” the trope of Peter’s best friend becoming a villain:

“MCU Ned would make a terrible Hobgoblin. He’s too goofy and healthy to be the least bit menacing (besides, Ned wasn’t even the real Hobgoblin
They made “Peter’s best friend becomes a goblin-themed villain” too much. It’s thrown away”

Methdotrandom agreed, saying that “Hobglobin suits someone who looks as menacing as Harry Osborne:”

“I don’t mean to sound offensive, but don’t you think he doesn’t fit the Hobgoblin persona? I mean, he looks like a cheerful guy who would give you a hug. Hobgoblin suits someone who looks as menacing as Harry Osborne.”

However, tangoliber took a different perspective, noting that Spider-Man: No Way Home spell probably changed Ned’s life and led to “a massive change in personality:”

“Peter was your best friend. Now his memory has been replaced, leaving behind a strange empty place. All those times Ned and Peter had lunch together in the cafeteria? With Peter’s memory erased, Ned now only remembers eating alone, day after day. It could be a big personality change if they wanted to go that route.”

West-Cardiologist180 agreed, explaining that two former best friends would face off “Be Cap vs Iron Man Emotional Levels:”

“As I’ve been saying, I wouldn’t be surprised if the MCU took Ned down this path… and I wouldn’t be mad either. If done correctly, Ned as Hobgoblin would work. vs Spider-Man Symbiote. It would be emotional levels of Cap vs Iron Man.”

Was Doctor Strange’s spell the origin story of the villain Ned?

It’s hard to know, or even predict, what Marvel Studios has in store for Jacob Batalon’s Ned – or anyone within the Spider man franchise – given that the studio shares the characters with Sony. And while fans are familiar with Ned’s backstory from the comics, Marvel Studios and Sony have always favored adaptation over imitation.

Now, since Ned received Doctor Strange-type magic abilities in No Way Homeand there’s no precedent for this in the comics, it looks like the studios are hinting at a different path for Ned Leeds onscreen.

However, that’s not to say that audiences don’t have a darker version of the character in spiderman 4. After all, having Doctor Strange’s spell change the trajectory of Ned’s life and serve as his villain’s origin story has a lot of storytelling potential.

Finally, it’s important to note that Batalon’s image may not mean anything. The actor is aware of the Hobgoblin speculation and has commented on it before. Your social media post could very well be the Spider-Man star having fun.

But still, it’s hard to deny the fact that No Way Home teased a different kind of future for Peter Parker’s “guy in the chair”. But in the meantime, just what the future will look like remains up for debate.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is available for purchase on all major digital platforms.

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