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Paramount Global’s streaming service Paramount+ continues to invest in original content sourced from international markets, unveiling a series of seven new titles, primarily series, that will debut worldwide and saying it plans to order 150 international originals by 2025.

New internationally-sourced programming, including a show about former Mexican drug lord El Chapo’s wife and former American teen beauty queen – with John Leguizamo producing and starring as El Chapo – will be produced in partnership with VIS, the international studio. from Paramount, part of the conglomerate’s entertainment studio portfolio that spans more than 20 countries.

The list of originals includes projects from Germany, Italy, France and Mexico. The slate news came ahead of the launch of Paramount+ in the UK and Ireland on Wednesday.

Paramount’s subscription VOD service previously revealed an ambitious commitment to greenlight 50 internationally-scripted originals in 2022, with titles announced in the past, including the likes of Sexy Beast (from UK), The Chemistry of Death (Germany), Bose (Spain), Fallacy (Italy), Impact (France) and those sent (those sent) (Mexico), among others.

Combining global franchises and local rates is a key ingredient to Paramount+’s success as it continues to enter markets around the world, said Marco Nobili, who was recently promoted to the role of Executive Vice President, International General Manager, Paramount+ . THR. “As we expand into more markets, including South Korea (last week), the UK and Ireland now and even more this year, not only do we bring our global successes to those countries, but we are also developing a lot of content,” he said. . He explained. Paramount+ also emphasized that it “offers a broad lineup of locally sourced premium programming in addition to its global content, catering to all types of audiences in all markets where the service is available.”

In addition to revealing the new originals, Paramount+ on Monday also revealed casting details for the previously announced. The Chemistry of Death, a psychological crime series based on Simon Beckett’s bestselling novels that will debut in all of the streamer’s international markets. The show will star Harry Treadaway (Terrible Penny, Star Trek: Picard) as forensic anthropologist David Hunter, alongside Katie Leung (The Peripheral, The Wheel of Time), Jeanne Goursaud (barbarians), Nick Sangue (Close to me, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD), Amy Nuttall (Downton Abbey), David Hayman (top boy) and Hardy Kruger Jr. (Hook, Stauffenberg). Filming on the six-episode series began in mid-May and will continue through the end of August.

“Paramount’s story began with the oldest studio in Hollywood and today we span the globe with our worldwide production studios creating hits for audiences around the world, who now live it all in one place: Paramount+” , Nobili said in a statement. “As the service continues to expand around the world, there is tremendous opportunity for content to travel globally, opening up a world of opportunity for talent and creators, while offering incredible value to Paramount+ subscribers. ”

Here’s a closer look at the titles that make up the new list of international originals revealed Monday.

First Lady of Sinaloa (Mexico)
With John Leguizamo producing and starring, the series will chronicle “the fascinating yet volatile life of El Chapo’s infamous beauty queen bride Emma Coronel, an innocent peasant turned fierce icon who becomes the most formidable wife of crime.” from Mexico. .” Producer Frida Torresblanco (Pan’s Labyrinth, The Assassination of Richard Nixon) is also producing the show, described as a “story of love, sex, drugs and danger.”

Produced by VIS in association with Braven Films, the series has been greenlit for development and is planned to “premiere exclusively on Paramount+ in Latin America and all international markets.”

One Must Die (Mexico)
A suspense thriller film that revolves around seven people who are kidnapped and suddenly find themselves part of a deadly game. “As the clock ticks down, in order to survive, the seven participants must choose one to die, and the chosen one will have to agree,” according to a plot description. The project stars director Manolo Cardona, Maribel Verdú, Carla Adell, Juan Carlos Remolina, Adriana Paz, Dagoberto Gama and Fernando Becerril.

Produced by VIS in association with 11:11 Films, the project will be released exclusively on Paramount+ in all international markets.

the sheikh (the sheikh) (Germany)
Inspired by real events, the series tells the story of a unique con artist. Ringo (Björn Meyer), a simple man derided as the village idiot in his hometown, reinvents himself as the heir to an Arab fortune. “With nothing but a bunch of stories and a fabricated bank statement of $8 billion, it becomes every Swiss investor’s dream, bringing Switzerland’s political and economic system to the brink of a national crisis,” according to the report. program summary.

The tragicomic series is produced by X Filme Creative Pool and VIS, created and written by award-winning filmmaker Dani Levy (All with sugar!, The Kangaroo Chronicles), who co-directs with Johannes Naber (curve ball, time of the cannibals). It stars Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Sylvester Groth, Carol Schuler, Philippe Graber and Pasquale Aleardi.

‘The Sheik’
Courtesy of Paramount+

a fine line (Germany)
“Young ‘hacktivist’ twin sisters Anna (Saskia Rosendahl) and Benni (Hanna Hilsdorf) are inseparable in their quest to expose environmental wrongdoing by any means necessary,” reads the plot summary. “But when his break-in on a government server leads to a police raid, Anna is captured and Benni disappears underground. When it becomes apparent that Benni is lending her skills to a radical new terrorist group that doesn’t shy away from violent actions against the state and corporations, the sisters suddenly find themselves on opposite sides of the issue: what line are you willing to cross for something? what do you want? believe it?”

Produced by Weydemann Bros. Serial Drama in association with VIS, the show is scheduled to premiere exclusively in all Paramount+ international markets.

circus (Italy)
The show tells the story of the aftermath of a crime that became known as “The Circeo Massacre,” which rocked Italy in the 1970s after two teenage girls were found in the trunk of a car in Rome, naked, wrapped in blankets. and soaked in blood. One was dead, the other alive. Centering on the ensuing trial and centering on the only surviving victim, Donatella, “the series reflects on a defining moment on the path of Italian women’s emancipation, demanding (and eventually obtaining) the total revision of the laws on sexual violence.” . the show summary reads.

circus is written by Flaminia Gressi, Viola Rispoli and Lisa Nur Sultan and directed by Andrea Molaioli. Produced by Cattleya in partnership with VIS for Paramount+ and Rai in Italy, the series will also be released on Paramount+ in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Image loaded with laziness

Courtesy of Paramount+

MASK: Serial Killer Marie Antoinette (France)
This eight-hour young adult fantasy horror thriller series is based on the 2013 novel Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer by Katie Alender and developed and created by executive producers Beth Tapper and Mitch Watson, with Leila Smith (Block, Hitman, meet me in paris) also serving as executive producer. The series follows four American girls on spring break in Paris. “While exploring the city’s edgy side, they find themselves caught up in a mysterious, almost supernatural murder spree that soon becomes very personal,” according to a plot summary. “Could the killer be the ghost of the late Queen Marie Antoinette? And why are you chasing them?”

The series is currently in advanced development and is produced by VIS and Cottonwood Media. It is set to premiere exclusively on Paramount+ in France and in all of the streamer’s international markets.

Assassination of God’s Banker (International)
The four-part documentary chronicles the murder of fugitive Italian banker Roberto Calvi, whose body was found dangling from a London bridge. “While his death was initially declared a suicide, it was later discovered that many wanted Calvi dead,” according to the show’s description. “He presided over the collapse of a major Italian bank whose biggest shareholder was none other than the Vatican. This revelation reveals the secret world of the Vatican’s financial system – a world populated by priests, mobsters and neo-fascists. What appears to be the simple story of a dead banker becomes an international intrigue.”

Produced by CreativeChaos in association with VIS, the show will debut on Paramount+ in all its international markets.

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