Long lines at LaGuardia as travelers try to rebook flights

Dozens of travelers stranded by a series of disastrous delays and cancellations at LaGuardia Airport waited in lines for hours on Friday in hopes they could finally rebook their flights.

“It’s awful. They text you with all the updates as to delays, but when the actual cancellation [comes]no word from anyone,” John Rodriguez, who missed a wedding in the Florida Keys after his flight to Florida was canceled Thursday morning, told The Post.

“We had a wedding to be today at 2 o’clock. As you can see, we are not there.”

As of Thursday, more than a third of all flights in the Queens hub were canceled on one of the worst travel days so far this summer – and chaos spread to Friday, which saw 19% of flights canceled and more. 24% with delays at the end. afternoon.

And while the turmoil of the cancellation was largely resolved on Friday afternoon, at LGA’s Terminal C, about 100 travelers were still stuck in a queue in front of a Delta service desk and waiting to be rescheduled.

Dozens of passengers were stranded at LaGuardia Airport on Friday after a series of delays and cancellations that began on Thursday.
James Messerschmidt for the NY Post
Nineteen percent of all flights were canceled at LaGuardia on Friday and 24 percent were delayed.
James Messerschmidt for the NY Post
More than a third of all flights on LaGuardia were canceled as of Thursday.
James Messerschmidt for the NY Post

“They didn’t want to give me any hotel vouchers and they just put me on a flight two days later and gave me food for just one meal for all of us,” said Mark Men, 33, who just wrapped up a week’s vacation to the big city. with his wife and two children and is trying to move back to Tennessee.

“They also said that if I want more meals that I should be entitled to, I’ll have to call them, and if they say yes on the phone, I’ll have to go back to the airport, get the vouchers, and the vouchers. they only serve at the airport,” said Men, whose children are 3 and 5 years old.

“I don’t know [what to do]. I’m trying to book a hotel. We had a budget for our vacation and now we’re going to have to spend some savings.”

Rodriguez, who luckily is a local, returned home at 10pm last night after his flight was delayed nearly 12 hours and then canceled. He’s hoping to get a flight “anywhere near” the Florida Keys so he can at least save a hotel reservation he made in Islamorada.

“We had reservations in Islamorada in the Chaves, starting tomorrow. They don’t want to refund anything. That’s like $2,000 down the drain. We’re trying to see if we can get anything,” Rodriguez said.

“Until now, nothing.”

The pair waited two hours on Thursday to see an agent, and when they finally spoke to her, they were told there was nothing she could do.

“I was very upset. So we had to wait another hour and a half to get our bags back,” Rodriguez said.

“[Today] my wife picked up the phone. She has someone now, she’s trying to help us. She got it after almost three hours on hold.”

Long lines at LaGuardia a day after one of the worst travel days this summer.
James Messerschmidt for the NY Post
Some people have told The Post they need to change their plans and potentially spend more money on their travels.
James Messerschmidt for the NY Post
One passenger told The Post that he missed a wedding he was planning to attend due to flight chaos.
James Messerschmidt for the NY Post

Amaury Severino is also trying to get to Florida for a vacation with 12 family members, including his young children, but gave up flying mid-afternoon and was in the process of booking a large van he could drive to Orlando.

“We booked this flight maybe a few months ago. We were very prepared for that. I took a week off work. It happened out of nowhere. They canceled on us. We got on the line and were told they have Sunday available for us, but we need to get there today,” said Severino, 26, who lives in Queens with his three children, aged 3, 4 and 10 months.

“We’re already forgetting to fly, let’s start driving… it’s going to be harder with the kids. We’re just hoping they sleep more than they cry.”

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