Vilsack: Transform the food system with more processors and local marketing

The pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of a food system built around high-volume production and national supply chains, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said on Wednesday. As a remedy, he said, the USDA would help independent processors start or expand their operations and encourage local marketing. During a speech at Georgetown University, Vilsack said the USDA … Read more

Amazon, Starbucks and Apple union strength captures most US workers

A protester waves a sign that said “unionize” near the Country Club Plaza Starbucks store, where dozens of Starbucks employees and union supporters protested the company’s alleged anti-union tactics on Thursday, March 3, 2022. Jill Toyoshiba | Tribune News Service | Getty Images From Starbucks to Amazon to Apple, recent headlines show that the world’s … Read more

Small cap growth stocks are at their lowest P/E valuation in at least 24 years.

Growth stocks typically trade at premium prices. But in this market, rising interest rates have turned small-cap growth stocks into a bargaining chip. This can be a nice setup for long-term investors. The following chart, provided by Alger’s Director of Market Strategy Bradford Neuman, highlights the opportunity: Algiers, FactSet The chart shows the weighted price-earnings … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee: Day 1

LONDON (AP) — Four days of celebrations The tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th birthday on the throne began on Thursday with a display of British military traditions ranging from the horse and cannon days to the jet age. The formal Platinum Jubilee celebrations began with Trooping the Color, an annual military magazine that marks … Read more

Bad astronomy | Astronomers link supermassive black holes to reduced star birth

A new study using archived astronomical observations across the entire electromagnetic spectrum has come to a rather surprising and somewhat unsettling conclusion: supermassive black holes at the centers of many galaxies may have suppressed star formation shortly after these galaxies formed, effectively killing them. In very general terms, when we look around the nearby Universe … Read more

4 Delicious Ice Cream Parlors in the Seattle Area

On a sunny day in the Puget Sound area, when the ubiquitous pull of anything outside the physical walls seems to delight us all, and your allergies don’t seem This one bad, and even the birds seem to stay up late to enjoy the last remaining shades of the sun, there’s only one thing that … Read more