Salt and Straw’s New Picnic Ice Cream Flavors (Including Boiled Egg and Fried Chicken), Ranked

Salt and Straw’s newest monthly flavors are like a summer picnic, extra melted.

The flavors, which will be available this month at all of its stores and online, are intended to evoke a sunny afternoon on a blanket among some wildflowers, perhaps, and at least one of them has been in production for a year.

This is Cinnamon and Honey Fried Chicken, which is a collaboration between Ezell’s Fried Chicken co-founder Lewis Rudd and Salt and Straw co-founder Tyler Malek.

Malek and Rudd tried at least 23 versions of the fried chicken ice cream before choosing the one behind the glass now.

“The last and really the only main dish you should have on a picnic is fried chicken,” Malek said Monday morning at Salt and Straw’s store on Northwest 23rd Avenue, where he and Rudd met to talk about flavors. wild this season.

“On our first try,” Malek said, “we took his chicken from Washington Square and put it in the ice cream and the ice cream machine. It was legitimately disgusting.”

“Evolution has been good,” Rudd said. “The final product is very, very good.”

Ezell’s and Salt and Straw have a lot in common – both are family-owned and based in the Pacific Northwest.

They share core values, Rudd said, such as commitment to the community and making people happy.

The ice cream they created together is sure to make people happy, even if some are a little worried about ordering an ice cream flavor with the word “chicken” on it.

To prepare for your visit to Sal e Palha, we decided to sort through the seasonal flavors of June. And if you can’t decide, luckily, you can just ask for a flight.

5. Boiled Egg Cream with Smoked Black Tea

Boiled Egg Cream with Smoked Black Tea, Salt and Straw Summer Picnic SeriesLizzy Acker/The Oregonian

I tasted Salt and Straw’s version of a Thanksgiving dinner, so I know they’re not afraid to make ice cream that literally tastes like mashed potatoes.

For this selection of flavors, Deviled Egg Custard comes in last, not because I don’t like this flavor, but because I’m still not sure I do. Strong smoked tea is a Lapsang souchong related variety that comes from Steven Smith of Portland, of course, and that flavor is always appealing and a little off-putting. Do I like it or not? I always get to the end of the glass and I still haven’t made up my mind.

On the plus side, or possibly downside, this ice cream looks exactly like a hard-boiled egg. Still, the jury is out. I’ll probably need to eat a whole beer to decide how I feel about this.

4. Pink Rose and Watermelon Ice Cream

hand holding a pot of ice cream

Pink Rosé and Watermelon, Salt and Straw Ice Cream Summer Picnic SeriesLizzy Acker/The Oregonian

This vegan option is hyper-sweet and so watermelon. The rosé is from Sokol Blosser Winery in Dayton and the watermelons are from Hermiston and together they make an icy pink treat that is nice but fails to keep up with the texture of some of the other options.

3. Nocino and Cherry Chocolate Pie

hand holding a pot of ice cream

Nocino Cherry, Salt and Straw Chocolate Pie Summer Picnic SeriesLizzy Acker/The Oregonian

Originally, this delicate blend of cherries and chocolate with a pie crust texture to top it off was at the top of my list. It has everything I love – chocolate, fruit, brandy and a cookie or cake to hunt for in every bite.

The nocino is made by Stone Barn Brandyworks in Portland and adds a special touch to the ice cream.

On my second taste, I still loved this flavor and would probably order a scoop, but I would also add another scoop of one of the first two.

2. Fried chicken with cinnamon and honey

hand holding a pot of ice cream

Cinnamon and Honey Fried Chicken, Salt and Straw Summer Picnic SeriesLizzy Acker/The Oregonian

After 20 tries, they got it right.

Warm cinnamon, tasty morsels of deep friend croissant give the vibe of fried chicken without an actual piece of chicken, which, let’s be honest, would be pretty unsettling. (Don’t worry, the croissant is fried in chicken fat.)

This one also has a little kick at the end of the cayenne pepper that mirrors the kick you get when you take a bite of Ezell’s spicy chicken.

1. Roasted Fig and Brie Cheesecake

hand holding a pot of ice cream

Brie and Roasted Fig Cheesecake, Salt and Straw Summer Picnic SeriesLizzy Acker/The Oregonian

Here sweet fig mixes with Cowgirl Creamery cheese for a perfect dessert cheese plate flavor. What sets this flavor apart has to be the texture – the figs and their particular figgy and the little crumbs of cheesecake crust made from Ritz crackers.

Malek likes this juxtaposition, using what he called “the most expensive cheese on the West Coast” and possibly America’s best-known crackers.

“High and low,” he said. “Delicious.”

And he was right.

hand holding a pot of ice cream

Tyler Malek catches a cone from Salt and Straw Summer Picnic SeriesLizzy Acker/The Oregonian

— Lizzy Acker

503-221-8052, @lizzzyacker

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