Stranger Things bosses reveal season 4 death they regret

Weird stuff spoilers for part one of season four follow.

Weird stuff stopped sending fans in their tracks by killing half of a potential couple at the start of season four.

Created by the Duffer Brothers, the Netflix sci-fi series has returned with a larger and longer installment split into two volumes and featuring several new characters.

Some of them stayed for the entire ride – namely, the charismatic leader of Joseph Quinn’s D&D club, Eddie Munson – while others simply didn’t.


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Cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham, played by Grace Van Dien, was among the last. Before succumbing to Vecna’s curse in chapter one, Chrissy shared a scene with Eddie where their chemistry was off the charts, and some fans were quick to pick up on those vibes.

It turns out that creators and executive producers Matt and Ross Duffer also loved the dynamic between the two characters.

“We filmed the drug dealing scene in the woods pretty late, actually, to film,” Matt said. TV linebefore Ross could add, “We had already killed Chrissy when we filmed this.”

weirdest things joseph quinn grace van dien eddie and chrissy


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“The scene came to life in such a beautiful way,” continued Matt.

“And a lot of that was Joe and Grace.”

Despite only having a few scenes together, the D&D lover and cheerleader managed to lay the groundwork for what could have been a cute relationship. Unfortunately, that instant bond will never evolve into something more.

weirdest things joseph quinn grace van dien eddie and chrissy


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“It was just one of those lucky scenes where we were able to have two cameras filming simultaneously,” Matt explained as well.

“Joe was doing a lot of things kind of spontaneously, and we were getting these amazing reactions from Grace.”

Weird stuff killed off some fan-favorite side characters over the course of its four seasons (remember Barb and Alexei?), while managing to save its protagonists from even the most dangerous situations.

As part two is guaranteed to tie up some loose ends, there are rumors that the death of a major character is happening, so fans better be prepared.

Weird stuff Part 1 of Season 4 is available now and Part 2 will be released on July 1st – all streaming on Netflix.

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