Tablescape tips and ideas from the women behind Gohar World

Summer means many things – cheerful clothes, sunsets at 8pm, and dining al fresco, to name a few. But most importantly, it means an opportunity to welcome your friends and family, preferably outdoors. Hosting, however, can be difficult. From setting a table to preparing a menu, the moving parts needed to come together for an effortless night out are a little daunting. And if not done right, it can often get in the way of an entire night.

That’s where Gohar World – a self-proclaimed “universe” of tableware that brings together craftsmanship, time and tradition (and, of course, a little humor) to create meaningful tablescapes and, by proxy, experiences – enter. with brand founders, sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar, on how to translate some of their magic touch into our own summer dinners and events. “I hate it when people say entertainment should be easy. I don’t agree at all”, says Laila. “I think a lot of effort should be put into entertainment and that all elements should be considered. Not just your menu, but the decor of the room, the lighting, the music. There’s nothing more beautiful than going out of your way to show your friends and family that you love them.” While your next summer dinner might not include a cherry tower or baguette the size of your entire dinner table, a little effort can go a long way.

An edible tower from a recent project in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.

Photo: Courtesy of Laila Gohar

An image of the launch of Gohar World.

Photo: Roe Ethridge

Butter rosettes.

Photo: Courtesy of Laila Gohar

If you think there’s only one *right* way to set a table, think again. “When setting a table, I notice that people often think they need to follow the formula of a porter, a dinner plate, putting a napkin on a certain side, flowers in the center, etc. But I don’t really think about the table. in the table more like a plan – a field that you can fill in however you want,” says Laila. She takes the “traditional” table and deconstructs it, mixing her own traditions in the process. There’s nothing that makes a dinner or event special like adding a personal touch, and preserving family and cultural traditions is one of the best ways to do that. For Gohar World, tradition is at the forefront of any successful event.

“No object or piece of furniture has been as meaningful to the family and community as the dinner table, where simple acts of hospitality – laying out a tablecloth, opening a bottle of wine, cutting a cake – become rituals.” By bringing some of your own traditions to the table, you are adding a personal touch that is hard to replicate and makes an event that much more special. Whether it’s calling your mom for that special family recipe, playing a certain board game, or even something as simple as arranging a bouquet of your favorite flowers, the more personal you make an event the better.

Gohar World x Gucci Vault wine glass bracelets worn around the stem of each glass.

Photos: Courtesy of Gucci Vault

Gohar World x Gucci Vault Napkins.

If you’re feeling stuck on the tradition front, Gohar World’s products can help fill in the gaps in a table that’s unique and thoughtful. “We work directly with several family ateliers around the world that still produce handcrafted products and employ traditional practices such as lace, glass blowing and hand dipping candles,” says Laila. very important to us to help keep them alive.” And even better, the brand has just released a new capsule collection featuring Gucci, including (but not limited to) aprons – the perfect way to wear a little Gucci in the kitchen without worrying about grease stains.

An edible presentation of a project by Laila Gohar.

Photos: Courtesy of Laila Gohar

Roman butter sculptures.

Sausage cakes and edible swans from a recent project by Laila Gohar.

While bringing a little tradition to your table sets it apart from the rest, time is a key ingredient in a successful summer event. The idea of ​​cooking up a quick dinner for friends appeals to most, but the Gohar sisters put most successful entertainment in the hands of time. His philosophy breaks down the importance of effortless time:

The time it takes to invite guests.

The time it takes to buy food.

The time it takes to cook.

The time it takes to set the table.

The time it takes to arrange the flowers.

The time it takes to select the song.

And finally, the time to sit down and enjoy the ones we love.

Not surprisingly, quality time is the key ingredient to the brand’s great success and, in their opinion, the success of any event. The more time you spend thinking about what can make an event special for your guests, the more likely it is.

The Gohar World campaign launch table.

Photo: Roe Ethridge

Our top tips for recreating some of that dream world of entertainment for our own friends and family? Make use of the crafts and creations that surround you, whether it’s something simple like a bouquet from the local bodega or something special like the glasses you bought in Italy. Dedicate the time and effort needed to create a reflective experience. Embrace traditions (even if it means calling your mom for that recipe). And don’t forget to have some fun while doing it.

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