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the arrival of lady marvel on Disney+ marks the first Muslim superhero in Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the show, many actors finally get what they deserve and the attention they deserve. Leading all in the titular role is the Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Vellani who shines like Kamala Khan.

But among this cast, in a minor role, is Anjali Bhimani. Although many don’t know who she is, her voice has been used in many video games and animated shows. Portraying Aunt Ruby, Bhimani appeared in the show’s first episode with a gossipy aunt commenting on Kamala’s dress while she and her mother were shopping for her brother’s wedding.


Anjali Bhimani is expected to continue to appear on the show on a recurring basis, and here’s where you may have met her before she hit the MCU.

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Recurring roles on television

With many performances under her belt, Anjali has been part of many of the biggest television series on a recurring basis. Of her appearances in the Sopranos, Modern FamilyPretty Little LiarsBonesCriminal MindsNCISSWATStation 19Blindspot and much more, Anjali Bhimani has been on your screens for decades in one capacity or another.

While she doesn’t yet have a leading role in television, she’s been a mainstay of television for nearly two decades, arriving for an episode or two and making the most of the limited screen time she’s been given.

Critical Role/The Legend of Vox Machina

Anjali joined the critical role family in 2019 when she joined the cast in a limited series called UnDeadwood. critical role revolves around a group of voice actors who are best friends and play Dungeons and Dragons. Starting in 2015 on Twitch, it evolved into one of the biggest series on the web and became its property, with many side shows giving rise to the main campaigns.

Joining first as part of the UnDeadwood cast portraying Miriam Landisman, a charismatic businesswoman who arrives in Deadwood looking for work. She then joined the cast in a One-Shot to promote the new DOOM games Eternal DOOM. But his best-known appearance in the critical role world comes from Unlimited Exandria miniseries which aired in summer 2021. She played a Fire Genasi monk named Fy’ra Rai in the miniseries and played her again in a Battle Royale one-shot as well as in special episodes Exandria Unlimited: Kymal. Anjali also returned to critical role world and voiced the Chief Cleric that Pike (Ashley Johnson) seeks help in adapting the program’s first campaign, The legend of Vox Machina, on Prime Video.

Wall in Apex Legends

Introduced in Season 6, Anjali voices Rampart in Apex Legends. A free battle royal hero shooting game, Apex Legends It has become one of the most popular and played video games of all time since its release in 2019. His character, Rampart, is a blue-collar private entrepreneur who just needs a big gun and a backpack full of scrap metal to survive. Having made a name for herself on the underground circuit, Rampart has risen to the top showing off skills using her gear. She then started taking jobs, never shying away from letting people know how good she was or how bad they were; she likely led a group of burglars to ambush her and burn her business down. After being left with nothing but an Apex Card, Rampart saw this as more than just an invitation to compete, but a way to prove that even without her business, she was still the best out there.

In a multiplayer game, voice acting may not have the same effect as in other more plot-based video games. But with the rise of Apex Legends and the various reworks on Rampart to try and make her one of the most powerful characters in the game, Anjali’s voice was heard by millions, whether playing games or watching streamers.

Symmetra in Overwatch

Probably his most notable performance to date, Anjali voices Symmetra in the wildly popular overwatch games. A multiplayer first-person shooter, overwatch it has become one of the most popular games since its release; a multiplayer first-person shooter and a newly announced sequel, overwatch 2, will arrive in October 2022. First introduced as a support character, she has evolved into a high-damage character after many re-skin over the years. Symmetra was the first playable video game character to identify as autistic. Still, the game’s developers significantly downplayed this aspect of his character to avoid tokenization. Like many other characters in the game, Symmetra is an amputee with a cybernetic arm.

In the game’s backstory – and subsequent other media associated with the game – the Indian Vishkar Corporation has developed a technology on which physical objects can be built. One of Sta’s architects was taken away from a poor youth and trained to create these things. After helping to build a city without lights, she was assigned to expand the company’s global reach and was codenamed Symmetra.

A controversial character choice, it is highly reported how the character has become associated with various instances of bad faith players and bullying on the game’s platforms over the years. While some spent hours playing the characters and tried to show how the character could be useful, it also became associated with players choosing the character in a move of trolling and bad faith. Many players who played Symmetra reported bans and had complaints against her, while the other side of the same coin spoke about how anyone who refuses to play anything but Symmetra is refusing to help their team.

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