Tristan Thompson pictured hugging Khloé Kardashian before Father’s Day

Tristan joined Khloé and her inner circle, including Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, for a pre-Father’s Day lunch in Calabasas.

In their first public appearance together since that incredibly messy paternity scandal, ex-boyfriends Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson were photographed looking pretty cozy the day before Father’s Day.

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As I’m sure you know, Tristan admitted to having a child with personal trainer Maralee Nichols during his and Khloé’s relationship in a shocking Instagram statement shared in January.

He spent weeks denying he was the father when Maralee sued him for child support and pregnancy-related expenses, though he ended up admitting not only that the child was his, but also that the couple had been embroiled in a months-long secret. sexual affair.

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“Now that a paternity test has been established, I look forward to amicably raising [mine and Maralee’s] son,” he wrote on his Instagram story, before adding, “Khloé you don’t deserve this,” he wrote. “You don’t deserve the pain and humiliation I’ve caused you. You don’t deserve the way I’ve treated you over the years.”

A few months later in May, Khloé revealed that Tristan hadn’t told her about the scandal before it was made public when court documents were leaked in December, despite having spent months discussing his future – including marriage – with her.

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“I find out with the rest of the world, what is the most offensive part,” she said in the Not skinny but not fat podcast on May 24th. “I mean, everything is fucked up, but, like, can there be a little respect? Could you have let me know before I found out in the Daily Mail? That would be cool.”

She later dragged Tristan even further by not giving him any warning about her newfound paternity, with last week’s episode of the kardashianswhich had been filmed earlier this year, revealing Khloé’s raw reaction to the whole scandal.

“I’m not sure there’s one thing that hurts more than the other,” she said in a confessional. “Everything is an act of betrayal, everything is a lie, everything is manipulation. It’s a mistake.”

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“Has Tristan had every opportunity to tell me? Yes,” she added. “Tristan was going to tell me if there wasn’t a baby involved? Absolutely not, and it shows a lot about his character. The whole thing is despicable.”

However, despite everything that has happened between the two, Khloé has maintained that Tristan will always be a part of her life because of her 4-year-old daughter True.

“We talked about True,” she said. NSBNF Host Amanda Hirsch when asked if she and Tristan were talking, before explaining that her daughter FaceTimes every night.

“It’s very cordial,” she said of their relationship as co-parents. “There is no drama. For me, facts are facts. What are we continually fighting over? What is there to talk about?”

Well, now we’ve been given a rare glimpse into Khloé and Tristan’s “cordial” relationship, with the couple hanging out on Saturday in their first public appearance together since the paternity scandal.

In a series of paparazzi photos obtained by various media outlets and published on Sunday, the exes were seen with their daughter True in Calabasas as they reportedly joined various members of Khloé’s family for a cute lunch ahead of Father’s Day. .

Tristan could be seen walking alongside Kris in several photos, while holding True in his arms in some of the others.

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However, fans were really taken aback by several snaps in particular where Tristan could be seen with his arms around Khloé while the pair stood next to an SUV.

Tristan seemed to squeeze Khloé’s arm as she leaned over and hugged him sideways, with the two of them apparently helping True into the backseat of the car.

The photos quickly gained traction online, with some social media users speculating that Khloé and Tristan had rekindled their relationship, perhaps because she took him back after he had cheated on her several times in the past.

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But other fans believed that Khloé is simply determined to maintain a close relationship with her daughter’s father, whom she has repeatedly called a “great dad.”

“Do you understand that coparenting requires communication and understanding? Khloé only wants the best for True and I think it’s important to have a discussion about where they stand in front of the family. Don’t assume they’re just getting back together,” one person he wrote.

“true had her first dance recital today and he went” tweeted another, referring to the performance of the 4-year-old child. “So after she left with him in the parking lot and walked away ALONE? Did she give you a one-armed hug because that’s the child’s father? He might be a BS partner, but he’s a decent father according to her, so they’re cool.”

Before long, Khloé chimed in to seemingly confirm that the family outing was nothing more than what it seemed, when she called out the paparazzi for releasing the eyebrow-raising photos of her and Tristan in a move she deemed “calculated.” .

Under a reposted photo of Khloé, Tristan and True, the reality star wrote on Instagram: “Hmmmm too calculated from the paparazzi not to release pictures of my other sisters and the parents of their children Kim/Kanye Kylie/Trav.”

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This was perhaps in response to the slew of comments mocking Khloé for her welcoming public appearance with Tristan – something she has sadly faced for years.

Meanwhile, several fans were quick to question whether or not Tristan spent Father’s Day with his other children – including 5-year-old son Prince with ex Jordan Craig and baby Theo with Maralee – as recent reports claim he hasn’t. has made no effort to meet the 6-month-old and has no “immediate plans” to do so.

“Tristan is very absent from Theo’s life,” a source told Us Weekly on June 17. “He didn’t meet Theo or start any meetings. He has no immediate plans to meet his son face to face.”

And Maralee herself condemned the NBA player for his alleged absence in February, claiming through a rep that he “did nothing” to support Theo.

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“Despite reports to the contrary, Tristan Thompson did nothing to support his son,” the spokesperson said. “He made no attempt to meet their son or provided any financial assistance.”

In light of this, fans questioned whether or not Tristan spent any time with his other children on Father’s Day. “Tristan Thompson spent Father’s Day lunch with his other moms??” one person tweeted.

Tristan Thompson Spent Father’s Day Lunch With His Other Moms?? So Khloe Kardashian is happy to parade with this man because he’s the “truth father”.

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“@khloekardashian while you were cuddling up with Tristan on Father’s Day I hope you reminded him that he also has 2 other kids,” wrote another.

@khloekardashian while you were cuddling up with Tristan on Father’s Day I hope you reminded him that he also has 2 other kids. One of them being an innocent baby he’s choosing not to spend time with. However, you want to support him as if he were the father of the year.

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