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Frida Kahlo, a Cancer.
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On Tuesday morning, the sun enters Cancer, affectionate and introspective. During the next month, your attention may shift from the world around you to the inside. If you’ve been neglecting your inner life, ignoring your need for security, companionship, or healing in favor of constant socializing, now is the time to make amends. If you have felt distant from your loved ones, the Cancer season offers a chance to find your way back to each other. Then, on Wednesday night, the planet of love Venus enters a joyful Gemini, preventing things from happening. also sentimental and encouraging you to see the beauty even in relationships and experiences that are not necessarily deep. You won’t take yourself so seriously that you forget how to laugh, how to flirt, how to simply enjoy the company of those around you.

While caring for other people makes your life richer, it can also be stressful. The more you invest, the more vulnerable you are to being hurt. The more you value and value a relationship, the more you have to lose. When you’re feeling particularly pessimistic, you worry that loving isn’t worth the risk, that it can only come to a painful end. This week, your job is to be brave enough to continue caring for others no matter what. Because at this moment, love will not make you weak or drained, but the opposite: strong and fearless and ready to fight, because you know what you are fighting for.

Sometimes you are surprised (though you know you shouldn’t) when others are as firm in their convictions as you are in yours, when they are equal in determination. Your first instinct in these situations may be to prepare for conflict. What other result can there be when two stubborn people clash? But this week especially, competition isn’t your only option. If you’re open to it, you might discover something better: a friend willing and able to stand by you, to fight as much for you as you fight for yourself.

No matter how charming, fun, or endearing you are (as a Gemini, it’s probably a lot), there are still times when you feel invisible. You know that people enjoy your company, even admire you, but you fear that they just aren’t paying enough attention to really I see you. It would be easy, this week, to respond by becoming louder, impossible to ignore. But see what happens if you give others the benefit of the doubt. You might be surprised at how perceptive they really are and how much they value you – not just the mask you wear in public, but the you really – in the end.

Lately you are hyper aware of how much of this life is completely out of your control. You can’t force those in power to develop a conscience they don’t have. You cannot even persuade certain people close to you to act the way you would like them to act. The sun rises and sets, the seasons change, and humans act according to their own chaotic, individual impulses: you can’t control any of it. Even so: you are far from powerless. Every day, there are situations – no matter how small – where your care and attention Does make a difference, and this week, your task is to find them.

It’s hard to live in an unforgiving society and not be cruel in response, deal with greedy and indifferent people without being changed for the worse. Violence creates more violence; people who benefit from this truth trust everyone, including you, to forget that there are other ways to be. So this week, it’s up to you to remember. The world seems to change for the worse every day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to. Protect all that is kind and brave and good about you, and you will be rewarded for it.

When you ask too much of others – for care, effort, or attention they are unwilling to give – you inevitably end up disappointed. And after many experiences like this, you might start to believe that you will. Never be satisfied, that there is no one out there who really appears to you, or that you are uniquely cursed in love. But this is far from the truth. Also, it prevents you from appreciating the sweet but imperfect ways that people in your life show you. Caution. This week, try to accept the gifts that are offered to you. You may find that all these disparate forms of affection add up to be what you needed after all.

These days, you’ve been thinking how if our reality was just a little different – ​​sweeter, fairer, less precarious – you could be living another, fuller life. You dream of more satisfying ways to use your creative talents if you didn’t have to work so hard just to pay the bills; you wonder how much energy you would have to take care of your community if you weren’t so exhausted at the end of each day. But this week, don’t imagine for a moment that your potential is going to be wasted. You already do a lot, in this imperfect world of ours.

Sometimes it seems like the people in your life, even the ones who love you the most, can’t… handle all your complicated selves. They are constantly trying to label you, label you, understand you once and for all, and they get frustrated, even upset, when they find they can’t. You wonder if it would be easier to be the person others have decided you are, to stop changing so much, to give up the messy, gnarled sides of yourself. But it’s not your job to make yourself small for the comfort of other people. It’s just your job to live fully.

It is disturbing to harbor the suspicion that others are putting you down, knowing that you are capable of greater and more wonderful things than anyone else realizes. You wonder what your life would be like if the people around you had more faith in you, what would have been different if you had received the support you needed. No matter how confident you are, feeling invisible and unappreciated takes its toll. This week, you have a chance to start rebuilding yourself again. Don’t wait for anyone’s approval. You are capable of more than even you can imagine.

It’s tempting to wait for ideal conditions before taking action, or for a sense of certainty that a relationship is worthwhile before taking the plunge. In a way, it makes sense. Why should you accept less than you deserve? But the truth is that change rarely comes at the “right time” and there are no perfect people. Consider this knowledge a gift, not a disappointment. You don’t have to wait for an ideal moment that may never come. You can act right now. You can create the world, the relationships, the conditions that you need at any time.

When you’re faced with a messy relationship or a difficult decision, your tendency lately is to overthink. This can be strangely satisfying. It gives your brain something to do, and all the mental effort tells you that you’re making good progress. This week, however, do your best to resist the temptation to dwell on the same dilemma over and over in your mind, to obsess and theorize relentlessly. Right now, the answers you’re looking for are most likely to come when you loosen up and stop trying so hard. Give yourself a moment just to to be.

You’ve been wondering if you’re really strong enough to get through the next few days. It’s not that you’re particularly weak or deficient in some other way. It’s just that the future is so terribly uncertain, and you fear you’re not ready for whatever change is on the horizon. You worry that you don’t have time to develop the inner power you need to get through this. But strength isn’t something new that you have to generate out of thin air: you’ve had it all along; what you have to do is remember how brave you can be. You’ve proven it to yourself before, and you will again.

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