What happened to Meg Ryan’s character?

Tom Cruise may have a 40+ year movie career, but the actor is still arguably one of the last remaining movie stars. In an era ruled by franchise reboots and remakes, Cruise has been playing Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise for nearly 30 years. Is at Top Gun: Maverickhe revisits Pete “Maverick” Mitchell for the first time since 1986. But what about some of the original’s other stars? top gun, including future protagonist Meg Ryan? The sequel reveals exactly why her character isn’t in it.

Meg Ryan as Carole in top gun | CBS photo via Getty Images

Which ‘Top Gun’ Actors Return to Star in the 2022 Sequel?

From a sequence of top gun development began, Cruise would always be a part of it. Of course, the shape of this project has changed a lot over time and not just due to the death of the first film’s director Tony Scott. Cruise’s Maverick was originally slated to have a minor role, but in the end the focus shifted more to his character. This makes sense, seeing how top gun cemented Cruise’s A-list status in the past.

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