WWE NXT (June 7, 2022) Recap & Reactions: Apollo’s Chariot Returns

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microphone soloist

Solo Sikoa passed to Carmelo Hayes when NXT aired this week. The man wants his chance because, you know, he has the next one. Melo said that any deal Solo made with Cameron Grimes is null and void, as he is not Grimes. Grayson Waller, whom no one likes, poked his nose into other people’s business. He also wants a piece of Melo. Solo chose violence and went after everyone.

We thought it was Waller & Melo vs. Solo in a two-on-one match in the main event. Spoiler for those who haven’t watched the show… or read the headline… or seen the main image, but Solo brought help:


Yes, Apollo Crews didn’t just make their presence known for Bron Breakker this week, they also got busy in the main event. And the crowd went wild.

Melo dodged Solo during the impromptu fight. he drowned him much. He wanted all the smoke with Apollo, but not even a breath with Sikoa. This story was played out throughout the match, either because Melo is scared or feels like denying Solo some of what he wants. Which means we have a lot of Apollo and you know what? It was a great look.

Just as Dolph Ziggler looked rejuvenated in the paint splatter mark, so did the Apollo. He showed his strength with an amazing delayed vertical suplex on Waller. He showed his quickness with his standing somersaults, and showed an ease that he shone in bursts on the main roster. Maybe losing his accent freed his body. Shrug.

While and Waller developed chemistry during the match, there were “hmm” moments. Waller bumped into Melo a few times, including an inadvertent tag that put a reluctant Melo in the ring against Sikoa. Grayson is the same cat that insulted Melo when the show started, so there’s no real partnership here. Keeping your friends and enemies close is always a smart move, and to those eyes, that’s the game Grayson is playing right now.

When Solo briefly got his hands on Melo, Champion A used Trick Williams to his advantage as usual. Partly to save their interaction for a one-on-one match, and the other part is Melo’s story just not wanting anything Solo offers at the moment. In fact, the only times Melo wanted a piece of Solo was when Waller worked hard enough to get Uce on the mat. Melo might be the man, but he’s definitely a favorite. He wants the glory of beating Solo without getting the job done.

The turning point of the match came when Apollo received the hottest of Sikoa’s tags. Apollo went into a blitz, the match was over and Melo finally faced Solo. The two struggled outside as Apollo countered Waller’s finishing move into an energy bomb.

And that was all she wrote for Mr. Grayson Waller.

Great game to close the show with multiple paths to NXT. Soil and Mel? Clear. Solo and Apollo? Also a possibility. Even before the match, Tony D’Angelo told Melo in no uncertain terms that he wants the gold in his belt. That’s a lot on anyone’s shoulders to carry, so we’ll see if Melo’s squat game is up to the challenge.


Tiffany Stratton has it all. Almost everything in life is granted to her, while everyone close to her basically adores her greatness. For Tiffany, this was all a given. But then there’s Roxanne Perez. The young NXt fighter worked hard to all. She took long bus rides to train with Booker T. Nothing comes easy for her and she doesn’t take anything for granted.

This is the perfect story for any wrestling story, but definitely a tournament where the winner gets a shot at the title of their choice. This contract means a lot more to Roxanne than it does to Tiffany, simply because those opportunities don’t come around very often for Perez. Win or lose, Tiffany will have a chance because life always works in her favor. Even when she’s not trying.

With that perspective, it’s no wonder Roxanne is the winner of the NXT Women’s Breakout. Tiffany Stratton worked hard in this fight, taking the lead as the heel that lands her opponent and hits a body part. Tiffany did everything in her power to destroy Roxanne’s shoulder and ground her offense. Stratton only used his explosive attack, such as somersaults and backwards somersaults on the ropes, to show and denigrate his opponent.

But Tiffany didn’t count on Roxanne’s heart. Even with one arm, and although some of her offenses have suffered due to that fact, Roxanne stuck around. That high-impact offense I mentioned? Tiffany went to the well many times when there was no need. She made a moon leap and ate the rug. Roxanne took advantage of her opponent’s mistake with a Pop Rox and got a new contract along with W.

NXT followed up this really cool fight with a visit from Toxic Attraction. You know how it went: Mandy talked nonsense, Cora Jade was next to her friend, Roxanne got tired of the conversation and attacked Mandy. The fight follows.

What you may not know is that Indi Hartwell joined the fray to even out Cora and Roxanne’s odds. So potentially we have a three against three here with Toxic Attraction on one side and Indi, Roxanne and Cora on the other. And all the bullshit here is logical.

I have it.


Nobody likes that

We got our first look at Legado del Fantasma as part of Tony D’Angelo’s family. Tony “instructed” Santos Escobar to fight Nathan Frazer. No LdF music, no LdF flare. This was all about The Family and where Santos fits into his image. So much so that Tony actually coached Santos and told him not to do certain moves because “nobody likes that”.

Santos has hardly kept his focus on Frazer, however, because duh. When he paid attention, he kept Frazer on his heels. But the big moment came in the third act. With Frazer on the ropes, a family member threw a crowbar to Escobar. Escobar, stunned and confused, refused help. This gave Frazer enough time to recover and finish the match with a Phoenix Splash.

Like I said, good match, but the drama was everything else going on. This is a difficult point for Santos and his team. One that will inevitably lead to a major explosion. I’m interested, even if slightly.

The Sun God Returns

Bron Breakker, fresh from defending his championship at In your home, asked who is next. Enter Apollo Crews. Who apparently no longer speaks with a “Nigerian” accent! So congratulations on all this. Apollo congratulated Bron, but acknowledged his own unfinished business on NXT.

Apollo basically said “I’ll call you” in regards to Bron and that championship. Apollo was at his best in NXT. If this is his home for the foreseeable future, let’s hope good things are in store, along with a legitimate challenge for Breakker.


Alba Fyre did a quick job with Tatum Paxley. The first thing worth noting is Alba’s crazy athleticism. She covered a crazy distance with her Senton finisher. Seriously, watch the end of the match just for that.

The second is the Lash Legend kick! After the match, Ms. Legend Liu Kang kicked Alba for another year. With Nikkita on the shelf, Lash picked his next target.

Von Wagner is the new Fetch

They keep trying to make Von Wagner happen. This week, he faced Josh Briggs. Briggs won with the help of Jensen’s cast.

Look, it’s hard for me to like anything that involves Von. And when there is no betting involved, it makes it even more difficult.

Nice Handicap

Pretty Deadly disrespected Chase U at the beginning of the show. Then, to make matters worse, they approached Bodhi Hayward before his tag team match with Andre Chase and Bodhi! The demons! The show must go on, as they say, and the tag match turned into a handicap match. Chase fought valiantly, but there’s no way former tag champions can lose to a man.

Bodhi crawled into the ring because Chase needed his help, and Thea Hail followed. Hail rose on the apron and asked for a tag that never came. However, she took the fire out of Elton Prince.

The Chase U stuff continues its reign of greatness, and Andre Chase is one of the most likable characters in the territory.

This was a very solid show. We got a little reset afterwards In your home, a big comeback and possibly a roadmap for the summer. And props for using Todd Pettengill for the In your home narration. It always warms my heart, even if it’s just a tease.

Note: B+

That’s my grade and I’m sticking to it. Your time.

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